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How to go full screen in Windows 10?

F11 key to fullscreen

Could you please let me know if there is a keyboard shortcut to go full screen in Windows 10? It used to work for me before in Windows 7 but not anymore in Windows 10. – Florine

Try F11 key

It is up to each program to decide what keyboard shortcut they wish to use to allow full screen mode or if to allow full-screen mode at all in the first place. Most programs need you to press the key F11 to browse in full screen mode. It works with built-in applications like File Explorer or 3rd party applications like Google Chrome.

In some PCs F-lock might be on which may cause your F11 key to not work directly. In such a case look for F Lock or FN key. Pressing F Lock key one more time should toggle it and you should be able to use F11 normally. However if you are not able to find F Lock key then there should be a FN key. Press FN+F11 and that should allow you to enter full screen mode in your application.

Full screen for Edge browser

Edge does not support browsing in full screen mode, so F11 key will not work. However if you want to browse in full screen, Internet Explorer still supports it. We can do that by asking Edge to open the site you are on in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer still ships with Windows but is no longer the default browser.

Here is how you would open Internet Explorer using and do full screen browsing:

  1. Open Edge and visit the site of your choice. In this example we will go to the NibbleGuru homepage.
  2. Click the “” button on extreme right side of the address bar to open the settings menu.
  3. ClickOpen with Internet Explorer” menu item.
  4. The website should now open in Internet Explorer.
  5. You may now press the F11 keyboard key to activate full screen mode.
  6. If you have issues with F11 key, try the tips at the top of the article.
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