How to re-install Drawboard PDF on your Surface device in Windows 10 Creators Update?

Drawboard PDF is missing

I am sure you remember the day you bought your shiny new Surface device just like I do. One of the perks of buying Surface was that your Surface came pre-installed with Drawboard PDF. One of the first apps I played with was Drawboard PDF. I fell in love with the ability to freely annotate my PDF files including taking hand notes using the included Surface Pen. Depending on the time you bought your Surface device, you must have received multiple Windows 10 updates by now. One of the main issues people experienced was that Drawboard PDF would get un-installed during major Windows updates. Or if you were like me and decided reset everything and install Windows from scratch. If you try to re-install the pre-installed app called Drawboard PDF for Surface you will find that the store says this app is not available for your device.

Install Drawboard PDF

Folks over at Drawboard worked to give you a workaround. NOTE: This workaround will likely only work once. Lets see how you can re-install Drawboard PDF back on your Surface device:

  1. Visit Drawboard PDF Windows Store page.
  2. Click ‘Get the app >’ button to launch the Windows Store app.
    Drawboard get the app
  3. Sign in if it asks you to sign in. You might need to do Step 2 again.
  4. Do NOT hurry.
  5. Click the “Free Trial” button.
    Install Drawboard PDF
  6. Follow any prompts to install the app.

NOTE: This method would likely only work once. You must not uninstall the app.

Now, the way this trial app works is once it is installed, it recognizes that you are on a Surface device and unlocks all the features for you. Therefore, you get everything just like the pre-installed app. This is also the recommended method to install Drawboard PDF from Drawboard themselves.

What if I cannot install the trial

If you have already used this method before or cannot see the trial button for any reason. Please contact Microsoft Surface Support. Drawboard surface supportWhen asked about the category of the issue select: “Apps and Windows Store”, and in the section for best description of the problem select “Apps”. Provide details of your Drawboard app issue in the description. I know a lot of people who were asked to buy the app from the store and then were refunded the money later so that they could continue using and enjoying Drawboard PDF app.

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