How to enable Night Shift on iOS and sleep better?

Night Shift iOS

I have lot of trouble sleeping at night. I was told there is something called Night Shift that can help block blue light from my phone and make colors warmer which will not have as much negative affect as blue light does to sleep quality. How do I turn it on? – Cory

Most digital devices like phones, tablets, PCs emit cooler blue light to make the colors look natural. This cooler blue light has been proven to interfere with natural processes that help us with sound sleep. Most devices these days have a feature or an app that can move the display to warmer spectrum of light at night. This can help you fall sleep quicker and stay asleep better. Remember, if you make the display too warm, the colors may look off especially in pictures.

Night shift on iOS

Lets look at how you can block blue light on your iPhone or iPad. iOS comes with a feature called Night Shift that already does this so you need not install an app.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone/ iPad.
  2. Tap on Display & Brightness.
    Display & Brightness
  3. Tap on Night Shift.
    Night Shift
  4. Switch Scheduled to on.
    Night Shift Scheduled
  5. Tap From/To.
    Night Shift From To
  6. Either select Sunset to Sunrise or select Custom Schedule. Whatever time you set gets used. There is no Done button to click.
    1. If you selected Custom Schedule, tap on Turn On At and Turn Off At and choose your times.
  7. Tap on < Night Shift in top left to go back.
  8. Adjust the Color Temperature slider if you wish to customize the warmth used by the phone.
    Night Shift Color Temperature

Night Shift on Android

Android does not have this feature built-in by default but there are 3rd party apps on Google Play store that you could use to do the same. There are two apps that we found.


Get it on Google Play Store:
Night Shift Android

Night Shift: Blue Light Filter

Get it on Google Play Store:
Night Shift Bluelight Filter


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