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10 must use Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Looking for ways to be faster with awesome Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts? Every person is different and interacts with their PC differently. Some like using the touchscreen whereas some live by their mouse. Then there are others who get everything done with the good old keyboard. There is no inferior or superior way of interacting with your PC. Some are better in some situations compared to others, depending on the experience, precision, speed desired. When interacting with the keyboard, the keyboard shortcuts help you achieve tasks faster with the keyboard.

Lets look at some of the most useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Windows key + X: Opens Desktop menu.
  2. Windows key + A: Opens Action Center sidebar.
  3. Windows key + Tab: Opens Task View.
  4. Windows key + L: Locks your machine.
  5. Windows key + Q: Opens Cortana.
  6. Windows key + E: Opens File Explorer.
  7. Windows key + K: Opens Connect sidebar for wireless display/audio devices.
  8. Windows key + U: Opens Ease of Access center.
  9. Windows key + I: Opens Settings.
  10. Alt + Tab: Switch among open programs. While keeping Alt pressed, press and release Tab as many times as needed to switch to the desired program.
  11. Bonus: Windows key + W: Opens Windows Ink Workspace to quickly access all pen supporting apps.
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